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    Comments: I went in with heel and top of foot pain, with plantar fascia previous issues. Heel only was originally x-rayed, not entire foot (I was not aware of this until follow up appointment when entire foot was x-rayed). That confused me. I was put in a boot, wore it faithfully for 3 weeks, took off to have pain again within 2 days so wore it for another 2 full weeks and returned to Dr. Corn’s office to have a flat foot X-ray that could NOT be compared to a previous one from 5 weeks earlier since there wasn’t one taken during 1st visit. No pain when Dr. Corn manipulated it, but not sure all is well as I begin walking on it again to find discomfort on the top right side on this first full day without the boot. I’m frustrated since I want it healed and ready to get back to normal activities... however...I was taken back quickly for both visits with Nurse Kim being super kind. Dr. Corn did not rush during my visits, but just didn’t seem concerned about my frustration (maybe since he is used to dealing with much more severe issues). Hopefully my foot will heal quickly and I can avoid an expensive MRI and get back to painless movement soon.